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Whether you just need a solid replica or you want to mimic disassembly & moving parts, we’ve got a replica for you

  • Will not load live rounds
  • matching size and weight ensure proper handling

Large Selection


We produce our replica weapons using various highly advanced machinery production methods.

This gives us the ability to produce large volumes in record time. Our exclusive line of replica products set a new standard in training and we’ve set the bar extremely high.



Our solid dummy training weapons are manufactured using

extremely durable urethane based materials. These replica

training rifles include full length metal barrels, creating a new

level of realism as well as unmatched durability.

Multiple Options


Custom colors (including camoflauge), mutliple material types, and removable accessories are available.

The difference

less storage restrictions

Our replicas are not regulated by the ATF, allowing for easier storage and transfer

accurate appearance

These replica guns and weapons are designed to look just like the real weapon


Most of our replicas require little to no setup – Get to filming and training quicker

TV & movie experience

Our replicas have been featured in hundreds of productions

Years in the industry

We have been providing props and training aids for over 15 years

Fast shipping options

Many products can ship within 24 hours – Contact us to confirm availability

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